• Lazer Junior 2016

    Junior Eyewear

    A diverse range of frames for kids

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  • Zenith Zest

    16 to 60

    Trendy, colourful and comfortable, the Zenith range is perfect for the young and young at heart alike.

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  • Lazer

    Junior & Plus Eyewear

    A diverse range of frames for kids and adults

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  • X-eyes – 2015

    Mens and Womens Eyewear

    X-eyes showcases the latest additions to our most famous range.

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  • The Portfolio 2017


    The full catalogue is available as a PDF, this includes all our ranges

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  • Ex Catalogue 2017

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  • Ex Catalogue 2016

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  • Ex Catalogue 2015

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    For over 30 years we have established ourselves as one of the leading UK based spectacle frame distributors. Our name has become synonymous with quality of products and quality of service. Our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction.

    The service we provide is registered to the quality standard ISO 9001. We are audited regularly by the British Standards Institute to ensure we continually meet this high standard – in fact we were one of the first UK frame distributors to receive certification.

    Our frames are developed by ourselves working closely with manufacturers with whom we have long standing relationships. Utilising quality materials, the latest technology and with an awareness of the demands and changes in the marketplace our ranges continue to offer an unrivalled choice across a broad price range.

    November's Featured Frames