Jai Kudo Lenses launch XP PRO Gaming Lens

Jai Kudo Lenses launch XP PRO Gaming Lens

Take your gaming to the next level

The XP PRO Gaming Lens by Jai Kudo Lenses is an anti-fatigue lens at its core, designed specifically to enhance contrast, reduce stress on the eye and improve the effects of glare. Achieve optimal gaming performance – unleash your power and stay ahead of the game.


  • Play smarter – XP PRO comes with Honeycomb coating as standard to ensure optimum clarity and controlled light scatter with reduced glare and eye fatigue
  • See clearer – the yellow tint improves contrast and visual acuity
  • Protect from UV – These lenses come with UV420 protection as standard
  • Relax the eyes – each lens uses Smart Add Technology to add a power boost of 0.50D to reduce stress on the eyes
  • Anti-reflective qualities - virtually eliminate reflections on the lens surfaces
  • Super-hydrophobic layer to repel water and oils ensuring an easy clean
  • Clear vision in every direction


Each pair of XP PRO Gaming Lenses comes with:

  • Honeycomb coating
  • Solid yellow tint of 10% absorption
  • Power boost of add 0.50D 


  • 1.55 CR39
  • 1.6
  • 1.67

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