2 pairs of safety glasses (black)

Lightweight and protective, these safety glasses are easy-to-wear and can be worn over prescription eyewear. This product features a black rim and is ideal for both small and large faces shapes, due to its slip on design and adjustable temples. With clear UV 400nm scratch-resistant lenses, that block out nearly 99% of harmful UV radiation, these frames offer outstanding protection for indoor and outdoor use. The adjustable headband allows a comfortable fit.

Product Benefits

  • Strong and durable polycarbonate wraparound eyewear design offering a high level of direct eye protection, whilst the side covers protect peripherals.
  • Clear UV 400nm scratch-resistant lenses block 90-100% of harmful UV radiation allowing for outdoor use. No optical distortion.
  • Comfortably and easily fit over most reading glasses
  • Soft tips eliminate pressure behind the ears and the extendable arms adjust for small and larger head sizes - fitting men, women and teenagers.
  • Can also be worn as normal large sized safety glasses.

Conforms to

  • EN166 personal Eye Protection European Standard