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    Compact and easy to hold, this handheld infrared thermometer is a contact-free way to safely measure temperatures of hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects without contact. The thermometer measures the surface temperature of an object - the unit's optics sense emits, reflects and transmits energy which is collected and focused onto a detector. The electronic screen ensures the temperature can be easily and clearly read. 

    Product Benefits

    €¢ Non-contact - Contact free way to test temperatures
    €¢ Quick - 1 second to measure a temperature
    €¢ Measuring Distance - 5-8cm
    €¢ LED display - easy to read alerts
    €¢ Automatic switch off - turns itself off after 10 seconds to save battery power
    €¢ Multi-temperature - body & surface
    €¢ Adaptable - easily switch between Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F)
    €¢ Memory Function - remembers the last 20 records
    €¢ Body measurement range - from 34°C to 43°C
    €¢ Surface measurement range - from 25°C to 50°C

    Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA Battery (Not Included)
    Dimensions: 155mm x 38mm x 38mm
    Weight: 65g (without batteries)
    Environment for use: 10°C to 50°C

    Do not point the laser at eyes, either directly or indirectly off reflective surfaces.


    Infrared thermometer should be protected for the following: 

    €¢ EMF (electro-magnetic fields) from welders or induction heaters.
    €¢ Thermal shock (caused by large ambient temperature changes). Allow 1 hour for unit to stabilise before use.
    €¢ Do not leave the unit on or near high-temperature objects.